Paper Converting

Countless Businesses rely on BIN NAEEM for quality Paper Products they can trust. Our products are manufactured with superior materials, exceptional care and the best technologies available. That’s why our production team never cuts corners, and takes the time, effort and resources necessary to ensure all products reach high standards. From Sheet fed materials to customized sizes and Plastic Films Laminates used in Paper Board Lamination we are so much more than what we offer.

Paper Cores is the latest addition in our Conversion Line

Fullfiling the needs of our valued customers for there paper tubes of spiral winding needs. Our products are manufactured by qualified employees on modern high-tech European equipment. The manufacturing process of paper tubes and raw materials used in the process, do not harm the environment in fact all the waste from our Production Process can be fully recycled. Paper tubes are used in the textile, printing, food, chemical and metallurgical industry in the production of various tapes, films, fabrics, yarns, paper, cardboard, etc.

We offer paper tubes (cores) with the following dimensions:

  • Inner Diameter, 25mm to outer diameter 280mm
  • Thickness, mm: 2-17
  • Length, mm: According to the client’s order.

By customer request paper tubes can be manufactured to specific individual characteristics:

  • Grinded, Polished or Non Polished Tube
  • On the inner and the outer surface of the tubes, can be printed information about the customer, its logo and other.
  • Outer and inner surface of the tube can be carried out in any color.
  • We can offer individual (atypical) internal diameter for tubes.

We Specialize in fine paper, we convert almost anything, including printing grades, board, newsprint, film and nonwovens.



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